JULY 2019

The best deals on Amazon Prime Day including Bluelene anti-aging products.

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JUNE 2019

The world of self-care may have become a word we hear more than we like, but self-care is something that is essential to our well-being.

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JUNE 2019

Methylene blue is a super antioxidant offering significant skin health benefits like reducing the appearance of fine lines.

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MAY 2019

Dr. Cao recommends using an antioxidant-rich lotion or cream before applying any sunscreen products.

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APRIL 2019

Moisturizing is important no matter what time of the year. Bluelene moisturizer is lightweight, and for all skin types.

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APRIL 2019

Our skin feels invincible in our twenties, but as the decade turns signs of aging start popping out of nowhere.

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MARCH 2019

If the eyes are the mirror to the soul, some people’s souls look puffy, dark, tired, and wrinkled. Fortunately, these simple tricks will perk you up.

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MARCH 2019

This moisturizer is infused with breakthrough anti-aging ingredient methylene blue to help hydrate and smooth without clogging pores.

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Who has time for all the effort of dozens of beauty products? If you’re a one product and done type of beauty user, Bluelene Anti-Aging Day & Night Cream is for you.

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August 2017

Methylene Blue dye could have greater potential than ingredients currently in use.

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JUNE 2017

They're one step closer to discovering the elusive "fountain of Youth" in an inexpensive — and safe — chemical, an antioxidant known as methylene blue.

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MAY 2017

Methylene Blue may effectively protect skin from oxidative stress and delay skin aging.

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